Lee Bullock

Mr. Lee Bullock is an original member of Flight Club and serves as the Club’s End-of-the-Year Bottle Chair.  In this role, Mr. Bullock spearheads the organization’s yearly capstone event –  the “End-of-the-Year Bottle” party, a special yearly event wherein a segregated portion of monthly dues are utilized to purchase one or two rare and exceptional bottles.  Mr. Bullock leads these efforts, from bottle selection and procurement to event and logistics planning.  Mr. Bullocks performance in this role is nothing less than extraordinary.

Mr. Bullock hails from the state of Minnesota.  It is here where Mr. Bullock mastered the manly diversions of hockey and hunting.  Still to this day, Mr. Bullock can be found competing in local hockey matches, often after partaking in Flight Club extracurricular activities (never before, as the accepted Flight Club rules of decorum prohibit the attendance of anyone smelling of hockey).

Mr. Bullock comes to Flight Club as the organization’s chief authority on Scotch Whisky.   If he could pick any bottle and a person to share it with, dead or alive, he would chose a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue to share with his Grandfather.

Although of less notable distinction, Mr. Bullock does serve as the Chief Financial Officer of MVP Holdings, LLC, a Midwest oil pipeline conglomerate.  Mr. Bullock is married and he and wife Ashley, along with their dog Minni, welcomed their first child in 2017.