Marcelo Moreira

Editor’s Note:  Marcelo Moreira was born and raised in Brazil.  When requested to submit biographical information for development of this Member’s Bio, Mr. Moreira provide the entirety of his submission in Portuguese, his native language.  The following is a loose translation of that submission. 

Mr. Marcelo Moreira is an international man of leisure, defined as an individual with tremendous wealth, social position, grooming and worldliness, which allow him to pursue social, cultural or athletic hobbies or pastimes, instead of employment.

He disseminates from Aracaju, Brazil, where he received his primary education.  There he captained the Brazilian u19 [soccer] club to a world championship, where he earned Most Handsome Player distinctions.  Mr. Moreira then immigrated to Kansas at the age of 18 and attended the universities of Kansas and Wichita State, where he received his Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration.  At those universities, Mr.  Moreira perfected his tennis game, taking two national championships.  Mr. Moreira then took his tennis game on world tour, competing on the Asian circuit for five years.  There, he mastered the arts of Jujutsu and Shodo (Japanese calligraphy).   Mr. Moreira then returned to Wichita where he took an emeritus position in sales at Textron Aviation.  He remains so employed today.

Justifiably, Mr. Moreira’s favorite spirit is his home country’s most popular distilled beverage, Cachaça.  However, Mr. Moreira brings to Flight Club an international palate, and greatly enjoys Scotch Whiskies (Chivas 12 year being a persona favorite) and Taiwanese Whisky.  His favorite monthly Flight Club tasting featured American Straight Rye Whiskey.

Mr. Moreira is married (Amanda) and together they have offspring.