Perry Young

Mr. Perry Young is an original member of Flight Club.  Following 2015 year end, Mr. Young took a short sabbatical before rejoining the Club in late 2016.  He once again retired from the club in 2018.

Mr. Young has a passion for democratic political platforms.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that Club leadership negotiated a leave with Mr. Young for purposes of political peace during the election season.  But following an unexpected “Red October,” the Club retracted and welcomed Mr. Young back.  Of course, given the election’s outcomes, Mr. Young (along with nearly everyone else in this Country) needed nothing more than a stiff drink.

Mr. Young is referred to as “Papa” by his family.  Incidentally, he also serves as one of the Club’s senior statesmen, i.e., “papa.” Mr. Young provides a welcomed maturity and leadership to the Club.  He also provides cigars, which are even more welcome.

By trade, Mr. Young is a CPTA.  He has concentrated his practice on rehabilitation of the aging population with focus on preventative care.  He possesses an entrepreneurial mindset necessary for navigating the future health care business environment.

Mr. Young, wife (Meredith) and children (Jack, Simon and Sofia) enjoy traveling, especially to geographies conducive to skiing or sunning.