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Mr. Scott Hill, esq. is one of Flight Club’s founders and acts as the group’s “CEO” and moral compass.

Mr. Hill invented Flight Club on November 5, 2013  He remembers it vividly.  He was standing on the edge of his toilet hanging a clock.  The porcelain was wet, he slipped and hit his head on the sink.  When he came to, he had a revelation.  A vision.  A picture in his head.  A picture of this:

It took just over 30 minutes and a few cocktails with friends (and his entire family fortune) to realize the vision of that day.  Flight Club was thus born.

Mr. Hill is passionate about being passionate – often called a serial hobbyist.

For decades, Mr. Hill has enjoyed all things beverage.  At age 19, Mr. Hill learned to brew beer from his German-American grandfather (a hobby he continues today).  At age 21, Mr. Hill began his love for coffee (roasting and brewing coffee being another hobby of Mr. Hill’s).  In his mid-20’s, Mr. Hill began partaking in various liquors, and developed various tastes, including a strong affinity for the often-hated Gin.

Mr. Hill took the this passion for Gin – along with his desire to force his passions upon others – and began educating his friends on the satisfactions from finer liquors.  Since late 2012, Mr. Hill has self-studied various spirits and has conducted many official and unofficial “educational” tastings.

Mr. Hill’s passions do not all involve a glass.  Mr. Hill is an avid runner, having completed more than 100 marathon or longer distances runs, including nine 100 mile footraces.

Mr. Hill is married (Jennifer). Mr. and Mrs. Hill are the proud and active parents of two children (Eliot and Nicholas).  Mr. Hill can be found many days and nights coaching his kid’s sports teams.

In his “spare time,” Mr. Hill is an attorney at the Wichita, Kansas law firm of Hite, Fanning & Honeyman, LLP.  He is a partner and on the firm’s executive management committee.  Mr. Hill practices in the areas of business transactions, banking, real estate, business litigation and bankruptcy.