Rum Cocktails


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Dark and Stormy


This original Cuban cocktail is a sure crowd pleaser that looks incredibly complicated, but is essentially fool-proof.  Consisting of base ingredients of rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and soda water, the ability to customize this cocktail to your particular tastes is essential.  Start with a basic white rum, but don’t hesitate to experiment with a flavored rum or add even some additional muddled fruit or sweeteners.

2 oz White Rum
2 Lime Quarters
.75-1.25 oz Simple Syrup
5-10 mint leaves
Soda Water

In a highball glass, squeeze two lime quarters with mint and simple syrup.  Muddle heavily.  Add rum, top with ice and soda water and stir thoroughly.  Try coconut rum in this recipe for additional tropical flavors.

Dark and Stormy

An incredibly simple but satisfying cocktail, this is essentially the “Moscow Mule” of rum.  Unknown to many, Gosling brand has actually trademarked this cocktail, which means, technically speaking, only Gosling Black Seal Rum can be used.  Notwithstanding, any dark rum will do, but consider using a black rum in this one.

2 oz Black Rum
Ginger Beer

In a highball glass topped with ice, add rum and top with ginger beer.  Squeeze 1-2 lime quarter(s) and drop.  Stir and serve.  For a slight variation, use a lowball glass for a more rum-forward cocktail.   Consider crushed ice too, especially on hot days.