Review: Kentucky Owl Rye Batch #1

Kentucky Owl Rye

Kentucky Owl is a non-distilling producer that enjoys high esteem for its line of bourbon. Its history takes a winding road all the way back to 1879. Then, a pharmacist named Charles Dedman started a distillery in Kentucky. When Prohibition hit, the company essentially went under, after the federal government seized its inventory.

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Julep Cocktail Club, Kansas City

We’re concluding our series featuring out-of-town whiskey bars by circling back closer to home: Julep in Kansas City, Missouri.

Julep Kansas City

Julep Cocktail Club opened in 2014. And it’s nearing the point where we’ll wonder how we found a way to get along before it opened.

Julep is located in Kansas City’s Westport district. While the area is certainly not short on bars and pubs, Julep is hands-down the best whiskey bar in town. But that’s not to say it’s a one-trick pony. Julep features a variety of spirits, cocktails (and even offers cocktail classes), and some spectacular food as well.

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